Swiss mountains, May 2019


Have you ever seen a dog with its head out of the car window, eyes closed and tongue flapping in the wind? That's me every time I take to the road. But with my eyes open and a few bugs in my mouth.

Three years ago, I was doing a tiring 3.5 hour commute into London when someone suggested getting a little moped and scooting to work instead.


With no idea whatsoever about bikes, I did a CBT course on the weekend, bought a Yamaha 125 Nmax from Daytona and pootled off down the A40 a few days later.

Within a week, I had raging bike-envy and dreamed nightly about engines - I liked big bikes and I can't deny...

After winter, I did my full bike test and found the love of my life: a limited edition, Kawasaki W800 in maroon. 

Being a lady biker garners bemused looks and ignorant comments. Add the boyfriend riding pillion on the back and you can be sure of heads turning and stereotypes crashing as we fly by.

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