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4 lovely Pembrokeshire day trips

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

With the travel laws finally easing in Wales from tomorrow (6 July), The Boyfriend and I are thinking about what to do next. With limited accommodation options available, we may have to leave Cymru to head north for more space and countryside while London works out what on earth it's doing.

We've been enjoying our final days by taking a few outings in and around Pembrokeshire.

1. Barafundle Bay

A wide deserted beach - you have to walk across fields to reach the bay. Head up into the trees and onto the coastal path to Stackpole Head, then over to Broadhaven South beach.

2. Marloes Sands

What to do on the windiest day of the year? Oh yes, go for a walk atop some cliffs...

No one else was daft enough to head out on this path so it was just us and the crashing waters.

3. Tenby

Ah Tenby, with its 13th century town walls and bright coloured houses fronting the coastline, what a delight.

Add in some fudge, a bag of chips, a homemade pie, an ice cream... and you have the perfect seaside outing.

The nice owner had been in lockdown for months with his 3 children (all under 5) and had just opened up. So delighted was he to see us grownups that he gave me a free pack of vegan fudge! What a dude.

4. Freshwater East to Swan Lake

A lovely sunny hike down to this little cove, although the tide was in so we ended up on the shingles having a nap.

And then it was back to the little beach we've called home for the past 3 months:

Steve our Seagull has been getting increasingly confused since we returned as to why we've not been feeding him. He even brought along a friend to investigate what was going on.

I'll miss Steve when we leave on Thursday but hopefully he returns to normal seagull behaviour and goes fishing.

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