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A 5 day motorbike tour of South Wales (3/5)

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

"A Knight in Shining (Green) Armour"

Day 3: Swansea - Brecon

Distance: 88 miles (142km)

Highlights: The Mumbles, the Gower Peninsula, Brecon Beacons

Accommodation: Brynderwen, Brecon (£89, double room, breakfast)

SatNav route: (Settings > Avoid Motorways) Swansea · Mumbles Beach · Oxwich · Port Eynon · Pen-clawdd · Pontarddulais · Garnswllt · Castell Carreg Cennen · Twynllanan · Talyllyn

Download: Full directions and route here (free).

Map 1: Day 2 route overview (Swansea - Brecon)

Map 2: The Dunes Cafe stop, near Oxwich

Map 3: Alternative route through Black Mountain: Brynamman - Llandovery


I attempted to leave at 8am but Saki was having none of it. Still fuming that I dropped her IN FRONT of a hot Welsh bike yesterday, she just sneered at me when we tried to set off.

No amount of coaxing or pleading would sway her this time so I left her sulking in the corner. I sat on the hotel veranda in the morning sun, overlooking the rolling hills and waited for my Knight in Shining Green (Flag) Armour to come rescue me.

There's definitely worse places to break down

2 hours later, Knight Alun arrived and stroked Saki lovingly with his big Welsh hands.

Infuriatingly, he tried the ignition and she fired up immediately. Treacherous hussy, thought I as Knight Alun recorded 'no fault' on his system.

Thanking him, I went on my merry way to Mumbles Beach down stunning single track lanes surrounded by fields with the coastal view on my left.

As I was delayed and untrusting that The Hussy would start again, I continued onto Oxwich stopping at The Dunes Cafe (free parking), opposite the main Beach House car park (not free).

The day's tour was the best yet as we ventured into the Gower Penisula then up some challenging country roads to Castle Carreg.

At the top of one of the mountains, you'll find an ice cream van which has been run by the same family since 1920. Scoffing your cone with a view like this is uplifting for the spirits.

Note: these roads are not for the feint hearted or easily distracted.

There are stupid sheep everywhere, frisky pheasants, silly squirrels, chickens playing Chicken, pesky potholes, mud, dirt and tractors. Pray you don't meet a tractor on a single track road. Or a foreigner in an oversized Rangey that they can't reverse.

There's no need to pack lunch though as you'll have many tasty bug snacks on the way up to Brecon.

Saving these for later

There is a fantastic stretch with wide open vistas on the Black Mountain before hitting the A40 for the final leg over to Talylln.

Route options: 1. Garnswllt · Castell Carreg. Cennen · Twynllanan · Talyllyn

2. Garswllt · Brynamman · Llandovery (A4069)

I added the second option in to tomorrow's ride as I was greedy and wanted to do both:)

Read about Day 4: A motorbike tour of South Wales (4/5)

For the full 5 day route and overview, head over to 'A 5 Day Tour of South Wales: Itinerary'.

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