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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

If you’ve been following this blog, then you will know that I have been on more dates that the average Londoner. I’d like to think I’m pretty calm and collected when meeting a new person now having done so many first encounters. After fancy dress, hospitals and a life drawing class for a first date, nothing really fazes me anymore…

Bank Holiday Friday saw me riding over to Richmond to meet a radio presenter for a first date drink. We arranged to meet at the station and then we’d ride out to the River together. I arrived first (phew), so I had time to fix my helmet hair and pose in my bike gear alongside my Kawasaki.

Calm and collected.

Soon after, I heard a deep rumbling and the throbbing revs of a powerful engine. Then this sexy red Daytona 600 roared around the corner complete with a leather-clad biker sporting a tinted helmet. The biker parked up next to me, the sun light behind his head as he took off his helmet and shook out his hair, sweat glistening on his chest.

Finding it a little difficult to catch my breath I thought, “Oh my goodness, this is the sexiest date I’ve ever had.” He looked at me quizzically and said thanks. I then realised I must have said this out loud.

We rode up to an area of Richmond where we sat outside by the Thames with the other Bank Holiday revellers and talked easily about bikes, travel, work and the news. He seemed to have forgotten my flattering outburst which was a relief; however, it turned out that he’s planning on moving to Bournemouth soon for a new job. I guess it could be a nice bike ride there….

4 May 2018

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