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The Lada and the Blue Lake

Updated: Jan 4

The wheels spin in the icy snow. We start to slide backwards. I'm unsure whether the groaning is from the ancient Lada or our taxi driver...

We had to abandon the car.

Our day trip to Göygöl in western Azerbaijan didn't go exactly to plan...

Not only did we end up having to walk the final 2km up to the lake, I also got pelted by snowballs by the driver's evil 11 year old daughter who'd been brought along as a translator.

And whilst Ladas are incredibly iconic, they are also not well-designed for tall Boyfriends...

But, it was all worth it! We were the only visitors to Göygöl on the day and it was beautifully serene up in the crisp, elevated air.

The Blue Lake sits 1500m above sea level. It was formed back in the 12th century after an earthquake rent the nearby Kapaz mountains, thereafter causing the icy water to flow into the newly blocked off area.

As it was out of the tourist season (I wonder why?), we only paid 40azn (£18) for the taxi ride. There's also a 2azn (90p) fee per person to enter the National Park.

Clouds closing in over Hajikand village on the way back...

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