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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

So 6 months have passed since I had the 30th date of my birthday challenge. You may be wondering what I have been doing in that time; or who..

I spent 5 lovely months seeing Date 27 with every sign suggesting that it was a long term thing; however, it turns out we are on different paths. Namely, I live in the present, he lives in the past and unfortunately neither of us were looking forward.

Thus, finding myself returned to the murky world of Tinder, I secured myself a date with an artist for this evening. I’d been having reservations about our upcoming date as his texts have involved increasingly detailed descriptions of his recent illnesses and current chronic fatigue.

In the end, we met in the Sugar Cane bar in Clapham Common – location of my infamous attempt at Speed Dating – where I noticed the bags under his eyes before him. We had a tiring conversation about his fatigue. Apparently he can’t cycle, play sports, hike or sing in his band…. which had me wondering about how long he would last in other aspects of life.

No Duracell Bunny is he, it would seem….

Somehow the conversation moved onto his aunt with dementia, his grandfather with glaucoma and his recent flu episode all of which left me wishing I’d brought my hand sanitiser.

I can’t foresee another date unless I desire to change to a career in medicine and a study of sick dates.

23 November 2017

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