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Back to Steve (and our Pembrokeshire beach)

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Steve the seagull welcomed us back to Pembrokeshire with wings wide open. Well, beak at least.

Watching us with intent as we move our mobile herb garden

And what a relief it was to be back in our beach house away from the grim town of Llanelli where local vigilantes paint cars of alleged sex offenders.

The only fun thing about Llanelli was pronouncing the 'LL' with an English accent to annoy the locals who glare at us, clearly thinking, 'Look at these foreigners, coming here, bringing their virus, stealing our women'...

Aled our new policeman friend helpfully enunciated the troublesome double L but to me it just sounded like he was choking. Twice. Thus 'Llanelli' became: 'hack-ane-hack-eee'.

By way of example, here is the name of a Welsh village where the elders clearly had an aversion to vowels and were suffering from coughing fits:


On our penultimate day in Lame Llanelli, we pootled off to 3 Cliffs Bay for one last wander around the Gower Peninsula.

The fresh air and open coastline invigorated the mind and body after two long weeks in town.

Now it's back to our regular Pembroke frisbee sessions...

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