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An ode to traffic in the Balkans

Updated: Jan 23

The horn in Albania is king,

They use it for every small thing,

But it's just background noise,

That a driver employs,

'Cos no reaction at all does it bring.

Crossing roads is down to pure chance,

As the drivers are all in a trance,

The taxis fly by,

We all nearly die,

But the locals they don't even glance.

Viewing junctions as if they're a game,

The drivers all take their best aim,

It's such a close call,

But no gap is too small,

For Minis and trucks it's the same.

Overtaking's a foolish affair,

As the daredevil just doesn't care,

There's not enough space,

So instead it's a race,

To escape this car crash nightmare.

It's not the destination that counts - it's the journey.

Said no one ever driving in Albania in the rush hour.

Typical scene (miraculously, no one was hurt).

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