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Not much room in the park

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

During a 6 day hike in Biogradska Gora, Montenegro, I became a bit fixated on the various species of fungi growing all over the forest. Queue terrible jokes....

This National Park is highly protected and the most ancient of the 5 parks in this country: it is home to 4 glacial lakes, hundreds of endemic plant species, butterflies and birds, as well as foxes, bears and wolves. And mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms.

This one was only allowed into the park because he was a fun guy...

Of the 4 main glacial lakes, we visited beautiful Biograd, Pesica and Sisko:

Lake Pesic

Lake Sisko

Read more about my 6 day hike through this incredible National Park, staying with local families in their katuns in Montengro.

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