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Bosnian charades & a bath plug

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Charades is challenging enough in your own culture when there’s a shared understanding of certain signs and facial expressions.

Although, even at an English party you might struggle to convey the item ‘bath plug’.

Yesterday, we arrived to Bihac in Bosnia and, delights of delights, our place had bathing facilities. Sadly, it was missing a key component: the plug.

Our host was a beautiful Bosnian mama who spoke a total of two English words. I tried to act out taking a bath. She returned with a bucket.

Taking her through into the bathroom, I showed her the empty drain hole. She proceeded to put the bucket, upside down, over the hole and then looked expectantly at me.

I attempted another sign action of the water draining away and all finally made sense. Mama returned with a plug a few minutes later.

I then had to ask for the heating to be put on….

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