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Offending the local gang in Mostar, Bosnia

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

All the direct tickets from Mostar to Herceg Novi were sold out so The Boyfriend and I took a morning bus to Dubrovnik to catch a connection to Montenegro. Having popped into the local bakery to pick up a pastry breakfast, we boarded the bus and even managed to avoid any hold-luggage misdemeanours.

The coach left on time and we happily munched away on our bureks which were still deliciously warm.

Then, I got that feeling. You know the one - where you just know you are being watched. And bitched about.

Surrounding us were 3 Bosnian muttons who were obviously in the Kool Kidz Gang at school: laughing loudly, flirting with the bus driver and taking up two seats each.

Mutton 1 with the dyed red hair was clearly complaining about us to Mutton 2 who was slouched over the edge of the chair, legs taking over half the aisle. Presumably, our breakfast was offending their delicate noses but the grumblings of my stomach were harder to ignore than their foreign grumblings, so I continued on.

Eventually, my sixth sense was aroused so much that I sneaked a quick glance at our passive-aggressive travel companion. At that very moment, Mutton 1 looked at The Boyfriend and clearly gesticulated with a wave of the hand that we smelled.

I growled at her.

She fixed me with a death stare.

I withered. And wrapped my leftover burek in two plastic bags.

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