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How to drink coffee the Bosnian way

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

On a free walking tour in Sarajevo Old Town, we gained some interesting local knowledge on Bosnian history and culture. No, not about the war but about coffee.

Coffee is in the blood of the Bosnian people. Quite literally I imagine given that they drink 5+ cups a day of this black elixir. Even though they are only small cups (approx. 1.5 espressos), they are extremely potent and the Bosnians take around half an hour to drink one.

Coffee is a social drink in the Balkans and should always be taken with friends. And a cigarette.

A guide to drinking coffee like a local

1. Don’t burn fingers on shiny pot of dark liquor. The pot has been boiled so it's as hot as the sun.

2. Don’t be a foreigner and use the spoon to mix the coffee – the roasted grounds are at the bottom. Only the foam and the top part of the coffee should be mixed so that it all turns a beautiful caramel colour.

3. Spoon a little of the foam into the accompanying cup.

4. Gently pour coffee onto the foam, taking care not to move the grounds.

5. Try not to shudder as the first sip of Bosnian caffeine hits your nervous system.

6. Secretly add sugar to make hell taste sweeter.

7. Spend a long time with your coffee-companion putting the world to rights.

Thanks to Adis Hamzic, our lovely local guide, who was so proud to share his culture and heritage with us.

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