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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The Jamaican violinist and I finally got our diaries coordinated to meet for a coffee after work – although a coffee/bar date is definitely not my idea of a fun first meeting, sometimes needs must as texting small talk can only last for so long.

Handsome and charming, he immediately set me at ease with a big toothy grin and a compliment on my choice of cafe (Esca) with its delectable range of cakes in the window. Over our hot beverages we discussed Christmas, cooking and music – he told me how he plays violin and teaches music to troubled kids to help them express themselves and their difficult life situations without words.

When words fail, music speaks.

He also showed an interest in my bike which always gains brownie points. Coffee turned into dinner. He had good table manners although it did surprise me when we came to pay that he asked what my prescription was for when it fell out of my purse! Caught off guard I said that it was probably a bit personal to ask that… Then in the awkward silence that ensued I realised that by not saying anything it looked as if I had an STI or something gross. Eventually I blurted out that it was for the Pill which then just made it look like I wanted coitus.

We mostly managed to recover after this and then headed out for a drink at one of the bars on Clapham High Street. Things took a dodgy turn at this point – namely the contents of his stomach. He thought his lamb skewers may not have been cooked properly and went to find the facilities after we got drinks. He came back shortly after to inform me that all the cubicles were taken so he was off to look for another toilet. But there’s only ONE reason why a chap wants a cubicle, right? He eventually returned with more details which I shan’t share but, suffice it to say, put me off my drink. And a second date.

16 January 2018

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