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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

We had fairly decent conversations despite my misgivings about his murky life as a defence lawyer BUT he kept fumbling for my hand or for a kiss which raised my anxiety as the evening progressed. It was very much like a cinema scene where the gentleman yawns and stretches his arm around the back of the lady in a oh-so-subtle-gesture. My inexperience at this sort of thing made me very awkward as this is my first date since the Aussie-thief disappeared into the ether.

Eventually after some food we made our way back to the tube station where we went for one of those awkward-English goodbyes. I went to shake his hand but, Dear God, he went for a full on kiss. Next thing I knew I was running down the platform, hands waving in the air, screaming “Don’t kiss me! Don’t touch me!”

He messaged later to say he had been going for a peck on the cheek.

Oh. The. Shame.

3 September 2016

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