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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

We booked up some tickets to the Kew Gardens Light Show and arranged to meet at Kew Gardens station. I was parking up my bike round the corner a few minutes early and happened to spot my handsome, bearded date sauntering in my direction. We greeted each other and there was an instant connection, as if I we had been in each other’s company before. A good start.

I decided to leave my mobile in the bike as I had no bag but he asked how would I take photos of Kew without my phone? I replied that I am not one much for photographs as I find they don’t capture the experience properly; I said that most people seem to spend too long looking at the world through a glass screen and not living in the moment.

He nodded along awkwardly as I ranted away about how the need to photograph everything, including all one’s meals, had taken over people’s lives.

We picked the nearest restaurant and sat down. After ordering some drinks, I asked him what he did for a living. A photographer, he said.


However, the evening progressed nicely and we wandered along to the Victoria Gate and into the romantic Light Show trail where colourful trees and shrubs sung Christmas songs in our direction. He was charming, intelligent and funny. He generously bought me some mulled wine (£5 a cup!) which I very ungenerously snorted back at him through my nose as I dislike wine immensely, especially the fragranced, stewed kind.

Dreadful as it sounds, though I very much enjoyed his company, my gut feeling was that he was just like my ex (the Australian magnet thief). He is just a bit too good to be true: knows everything, done everything, knows everyone, been everywhere etc. I feel it is unfair to judge a man based on his resemblance to another man so I would go on a second date with him, but I think I’ll hide my new magnet collection just in case.

23 December 2016

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