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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

So dry January really is arid on the dating scene in London as all potential men are still bloated from the excesses of the festive period; however, out of the Christmas left overs, I managed to arrange my first date of 2017 with a cat-loving, Polish chap.

He used to be a DJ so he offered to organise us a gig to go to for our Saturday night date. I excitedly agreed. We met at Cafe Rouge for dinner which was nice, despite him using his left hand as a knife for his Demi Poulet (that’s roast chicken for us post-Brexit).

Credit: Cafe Rouge

Afterwards we left to go to the gig which he then informed me was at the local synagogue. Bemused I asked if he was Jewish. It turned out that he is in fact a Jehovah’s Witness – a confused, liberal one it would seem. As he had already booked the tickets, there was no backing out so I entered the synagogue in Pinner garnering odd looks from the Rabbi and Jewish ladies as to his lack of head covering.


We were ushered into the worship hall where the only seats available were right at the front. With the exception of the two moody teenagers who had clearly been dragged there by their Orthodox grandparents, we were the youngest in the hall by 30-50 years. Oh how I would love this to be an exaggeration. Now I understood the quizzical looks we had received upon entry.

The jazz was excellent and the old people did manage to mostly clap in the correct places and not speak too loudly to each other during the performance. Never have I been on a date surrounded by so much grey hair (and kippahs).

My New Year’s present to myself was to join Elite Singles, a paid dating website, as I was confident that the calibre of persons would be higher as there was real money invested.

My first date is on Thursday with an ex-farmer.

14 January 2017

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