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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

There were a couple of subtle hints on his online profile that should have given me an inkling that this would not be the most scintillating date in the world. The ‘You Should Contact Me’ section of his profile stated that ‘being a geek’ and ‘working in science’ was a prerequisite for courtship. However, courageously I persevered due to his cute scrunched up face, ginger beard and elegant, self-deprecating writing style. Hopefully, future me will learn her lesson.

We went to a quiet pub with only one couple in it, next to whom he chose to sit us. The awkwardness of first date conversation was made worse by the fact that the other couple clearly had nothing better to do than eavesdrop and stare pityingly at me.

Within about 5 minutes, Dr. Ginger Beard was telling me about his four degrees and listing all the letters after his name. However, this was at least understandable unlike the Black Hole topic ‘we’ discussed for several, long, time-less minutes. Would only a Black Hole to appear and suck in the dense matter of my date.

A gentle creature was he but so stereotypically nerdish that I was sure it was an act. After an hour, I was no longer sure what to think although we did debate whether an unseen forest tree does in fact make a sound when falling or whether sound is in fact just down to some oscillating molecules within the atmosphere.

10 September 2016

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