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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

We met at the Tate Britain in Pimlico on a cold Sunday afternoon. He, however, was hot and bothered which was probably due to the massive leather jacket he was sporting. Unfortunately, he had also chosen matching leather shoes which highlighted his every lolloping step with a resounding squeak around the mess of so-called art in the gallery.

Modern art is a bit like the Emperor’s New Clothes to me

I enjoyed looking at the indecipherable art of those more knowledgeable than me. However, it was hard to appreciate such impenetrable wonders as he trailed after me looking mortified at the noise he was making. Every time I turned around, I found him looking at me instead of the art; admittedly, I am arguably easier to understand.

After he finally cooled down a bit, we stopped for a coffee in the Gallery Cafe below which gave me an opportunity to show off my frugal nature, affronted as I was by the price of cake. He added too much milk to his tea and had to sup the murky broth which gave me much amusement. However, my innate British-ness was riled by his lack of tea making skills so there can be no second date.

12 February 2017

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