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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I’m not the best at replying to people on my phone, I’ll be honest; however, things have been made much easier since I’ve been chatting with The Texting One. He doesn’t seem to need a reply to his messages before he excitedly sends another one (or three) my way. I figure that either he is inexperienced in dating etiquette – surely everyone knows that you don’t send two messages in a row! – or he is just bored at work.

RSI in the left hand is never an attractive quality in a date

In any case, after a deluge of WhatsApps, I think we agreed to meet at Waterloo – though he’d sent so many messages that I just presumed I had added something to the conversation and so arrived promptly at the station for 7pm. We planned to take the Thames boat from the London Eye dock east until North Greenwich and then jump on the Emirates Airline Cable Car over the river.

He was on time and we chatted away quite happily, in fact, I couldn’t really get a word in edge ways so I figured the enthusiastic texting had been an extension of his real-life personality.

Once we got in the Emirates cable cart at Greenwich, my stubbornly unacknowledged fear of heights made a dramatic reappearance in my head. This resulted in my genuinely grabbing his arm in terror as we were slowly dragged to our deaths in a stupid swaying glass bubble held on to a cable by a mere piece of wire. I suspect he thought this was a clever dating ploy to make physical contact as he then tried to hold my hand.

Unfortunately, in order to do this he had to move his body to release the arm I was still clawing, which then resulted in our suspended glass cage swaying precariously in the air,  causing me to shriek at him to sit. down. right. this. second.

Poor guy. Eventually I relaxed enough to enjoy the view and notice the romantic music playing in the background on the way back. London at night with that view really is breathtakingly stunning.

Despite all my hysterics, he had still messaged me 3 times by the time I got home to organise a second date…

19 February 2017

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