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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I’m no prude. I would even consider myself to be fairly liberal. But I have always thought that getting naked on a first date is a little daring and risque. But! I will admit that it’s been a long time since I have laid eyes on such firm buttocks and toned abdomen. And I did enjoy admiring his muscled arms. A little flushed, I then appreciated the male appendage in all its glory.

By this time my charcoal had started to tremble. My date was oblivious to my thoughts and was doing a great job as it would seem that he had brought his entire pencil collection with him plus his own sketch book to our life drawing class.

Dates with artists are always interesting as they are an odd breed with their stereotypical bearded faces, carefully-chosen care-free Fair-Trade clothes and their tendency to abstraction. This was my first art class ever so I was a little anxious, especially when the instructor came up and loudly commented on my work in front of all the proper artists. He also grabbed my charcoal and shaded the thigh of my drawing which displeased me immensely.

The class was in the Waterloo Vaults and after an hour of 5-minute poses, my non-artistic brain was frazzled so we left and had dinner together. I would like a second date but he is off for two weeks to an artistic commune in Glasgow. Hopefully he can pencil me in when he gets back….

3 March 2017

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