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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Imagine the scene: you are having a quiet drink with a friend and in walks the Queen of Hearts.

Confused you stare as she swans her way over to the handsome chap dressed normally in jeans and a shirt sitting at the table beside you. You can’t help eavesdropping as it turns out that this is actually a first date and it is clear that the man did not expect a member of Disney royalty to be joining him.

At this point, you may be wondering how the situation arose that I found myself dressed as the Queen of Hearts on a date. Well……World Book Day is always a lively event at my workplace and so I donned an outrageous outfit for the day in order to win best dressed (which I did!).

As the time of my evening date approached, a childish idea started niggling away in the back of my mind…. after a while I could no longer squash the potential for a fairy tale ending. And so, I laughed along with those on the tube, and walked my way through Kennington to the old Tudor pub to meet the unfortunate fella.

Kudos to him, he dealt with the whole thing admirably. It was a fun evening and conversation was fairly easy after I got used to be stared at by the women on the table next to us. He has actually asked me out on a second date though I declined; I mean, what sort of weirdo wants another date with someone who came dressed as a psychopathic fairy tale queen??

12 March 2017

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