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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

It can happen to the best of us. Mindlessly you make a lighthearted comment which leads you down a conversation alley out of which you desperately try to escape…. but no matter how many subject changes you attempt, they all lead back to the same dead end.

Ginger. There, I said it. He had a ginger beard and different coloured head hair. I’ve always wondered why that is the case, so naively I asked my date about it.

A foxy ginger date.

What a mistake. It would seem that ginger is not considered a complimentary colour. I tried back-tracking with my shades: amazing auburn was just awkward; sexy strawberry blonde left a sinking feeling; racey red was a rotten try; and glorious gold merely produced a grimace. I tried them all and it got me nowhere. The conversational difficulties continued when he later asked ‘Where are you from?’ which is the infamous English way of politely asking why you are not white. After such a question I always reply honestly with ‘London’ but usually I get the follow up query of, ‘Yes, but where are you really from?’ Bonus points to the Auburn One for not falling into this ethnicity trap.

These conversations took place as we walked through the beautiful countryside surrounded by horses, chickens and deer which managed to provide a welcome distraction to my abysmal first-date conversation skills. He is a very sweet village boy who even offered me his jumper when I was shivering in the cold. Not only that, he unexpectedly paid for our Sunday lunch which was nice in an old-fashioned way. I like him. And his ginger beard.

16 April 2017

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