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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

We headed to a quirky bar with record players on the wall in Clapham for a drink, where he immediately ordered a double vodka and tonic when he found out I was paying… small alarm bells.

A self-proclaimed narcissist was he and he played an odd game of trying to put me off him in every way possible. He told me how he was dreadful with money, he was incompetent at his job, his ex-girlfriend was his soul mate and that he couldn’t stop drinking since they broke up. After each momentous disclosure, he stared intently at me and said, “I’m unsettling you, aren’t I?” I assured him that it was a first date and I was interested in getting to know him and that he did not have to justify to me the way he chose to live his life.

This sincere response just encouraged him to delve deeper into his reserves of personal and family miseries. And another double vodka.

Bizarrely, he did message to invite me on another date which for the sake of interest I accepted. Our text conversation went like this:

The Narcissist: Would like to see you again.
Me: Sounds good. I have Monday and Friday free next week.
The Narcissist: Friday is good with me. I look forward to it.
Me: Okay, here are a couple of suggestions….

I never heard from him again.

17 September 2016

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