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My Canadian friend – whom I met when travelling in Asia – set me up with a guy friend whom she met when he was travelling in Canada. It turns out that WE both grew up in the same town in London. Small world. Tall, dark and handsome in appearance, he was a creative, artistic chap with mild OCD and an obsession with his non-existent love handles (I checked with pleasure).

We met for Thai food in Angel which was tasty but overpriced. The mains, rice and side dishes came out and with my usual gusto I plonked all the food onto my plate in a steaming pile. I then happened to look up to find my date daintily arranging a few spoonfuls on his plate. Perhaps I should have expected this from an interior designer.

He said that he loved the enthusiasm with which I ate which made me immediately awkward and self-conscious. Especially as at that point I’d nearly finished but he’d only eaten half of his carefully constructed food tower.

9 October 2016

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