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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Oh expectations, why do you play such havoc with my emotions? I’ve been working out every day at the gym since Bournemouth guy (Date 8) booked his tickets up to London, avoiding all carbs and thoroughly analysing the few words he sends each day with all my friends. I’m not sure to what extent he actually likes me as he barely responds or texts anything but then will call and chat for ages.

Why so little response to my witty messages??

Anyway, he booked train tickets up for a whole weekend so that says a lot in itself, I guess.

Given that we had only spent one actual day together in Bournemouth, I was concerned that it would be might be quite awkward in person when he arrived on Friday night. So I booked up some tickets to a Cabaret at the Rah Rah Rooms in Piccadilly Circus to give us something to talk about and to allow us to reconnect.

It was an amazing show and definitely something quirky and unusual for a date but after several hours together, and many attempts at seduction from me, Bournemouth still hadn’t made a move even to touch me/hold my hand/full on kiss etc. Given that nothing even remotely romantic had happened since the ex-boyfriend-Aussie-thief, I was very conscious that the time for the boudoir was arriving and I still wasn’t sure what would happen…

We eventually got home, the long way, had a night cap, took (separate) showers and lay on the bed chatting with candles I had casually laid out.

Alas, despite an entire evening of flirting (not to mention an amazing dress), I gave up all hope as it was evident that he had come to visit me as a friend. So I blew out the candles and we got under the duvet.

Then, like a praying mantis, Bournemouth decided to make his move.

Honestly, men.

6 November 2016

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