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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

His sensual profile drew me to message him first as he wrote so beautifully on the usually mundane dating app:

…Joyful and mutually rewarding explorations of intimacy and eroticism, free from expectation, pressure or judgement….. I’m excited to bring pleasure and joy to others with energy, passion and enthusiasm, sincerity and kindness…

What. A. Glorious. Find!  We arranged to meet for a casual stroll along South Bank in the evening after work.

This is what I had imagined our date would be like as we discussed spirituality and sensuality

Unfortunately, we ended up trekking for three hours before it slowly dawned on me that we had headed the wrong way out of the station. This would not have been an issue had he been even vaguely as his online persona suggested.

There had been only one small mention on his profile page about his interest in martial arts. ONE mention. However, he spent at least a good two hours discussing his love of Kung Fu in detail including telling me exactly how Kung Fu had changed his view of the world. And how Kung Fu helped him grow as a person. How he would have spiralled into devastation had Kung Fu not been there for him. And how, because he trains so much for Kung Fu, he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend.

At one point, we sat on a bench overlooking the Thames as the sun was setting and he started off on another complex explanation of how Kung Fu had saved his life. I recall being gently lulled into a low-level meditative state from the sound of his voice, the only words going around in my head being, “I am going to be single forever. I am going to be single forever.”

In other dating news, Bournemouth Guy and I have continued to stay in contact and he is coming up to visit next weekend. Time to do a bit of exercise to tone up this body just in case.

I might see if there is a good martial arts class around….

6 November 2016

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