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The ex-farmer and I had booked up tickets to go to the second year of the Chiswick Lantern Light Festive. The website claims that the Festival is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture shown in the historical journey of the Silk Route from Europe through to China to celebrate Chinese New Year. The tickets were fairly expensive and I paid for them as he said he’d pay me back on the date.

An hour before we were supposed to meet, he messaged me to say that he’d looked at the link again and now realised that Chiswick was 90 minutes from where he was working (??). Confused, I asked how he had missed this key point when we were arranging the date. It turns out that he hadn’t actually checked where Chiswick was located.

I was rather put out because I paid for the tickets, I was tired, it was cold and dark, I’d made up my face and I had a work deadline the following day. Despite all this, I decided that I would still go because it looked like a great experience and I didn’t want to waste the tickets.

I was just about to head off when a work colleague popped into ask me something. I half-jokingly asked her to come to Chiswick with me in his place…. she accepted and I ended up having the best date in ages! Below are some of her photographs from the Festival.

We shared chocolate covered churros and a duck wrap; how romantic.

29 January 2017

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