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Day 5: Solo motorbike tour of France (Mulhouse – Chur, Switzerland)

For an overview of my 8 day tour of northern France through the Alsace region and the Vosges Mountains, click here.


Route: click here for the interactive map (194.1 miles): Mulhouse - through Germany - Chur, Switzerland.

After taking a shower in my bedroom sink for fear of contracting a disease in the communal area, I departed the hideous F1 ‘hotel’ at first light the following morning.

It was raining heavily so I waterproofed up and departed, optimistically, on my way to Switzerland. The rain will pass, I thought. I rode 194.1 miles through Germany to Chur and it poured solidly for 194.1 miles of the journey.

The rain was so persistent that I have to reapply my trusty Nixwax Visor Spray every 40 minutes. Thankfully, the incredible scenery made up for the inclement weather. Plus, I got to leave Mulhouse.

I passed into southern Germany on the D39, close to Chalampe and through to Neuenburg am Rhein and then rode south to the Stein border and into the Jurapark Aargau which had the best views and most challenging roads of my whole trip. I pootled through Frick, Wittnau, Kuttigen, Thalheim and out of the greenery at Schinznach-Bad.

I tried to go up the Hohronen mountain pass but it was still closed for Winter, so I headed back to Oberageri and rode along the stunning glacial lake of Agerisee (below). It was almost as if the mountains behind the lake were breathing in front of me.

After a quick stop in Sattel to rest the legs, I headed up through the mountains of Morgartenberg and east to Einsiedeln to cross the artificial lake of Sihlsee. After this lake, I encountered the most spectacular roads through the mountain pass of Chli Aubrig (I think – basically, go east after the lake and then head north towards Wangen). At one point, there were 5 hairpin turns in a row, all in the rain and with such splendid scenery it was hard to focus on the road!

One more water-side ride along the beautiful lake of Walensee, then it was on to Chur to see my old university friend for dinner and try and dry out my boots.

10 hours in wet boots.... #BikerWoes

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