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Getting stopped by the police as a lady biker

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Women have had the vote for over 100 years. 2019 sees England and Scotland with women in top political positions. There is even a whole day dedicated to women now #IWD. Men assure us that equality has finally arrived...

Pillion boyfriend and I were riding Saki through the Kent countryside when we got stopped by a police officer. I knew I hadn't been speeding but I pulled us over carefully and we removed our helmets.

Officer Dense stared confusedly at me. He then looked at pillion boyfriend and asked him, 'Who owns this bike?'.

PB looked bemused.

I said, 'I do, officer'.

The officer glanced at me and looked back at PB to continue his line of questioning: 'And who is the bike registered to?'.

Again, PB was silent.

I piped up with, 'It's mine, officer' which did cause him to briefly glare at me.

Officer Dense once again turned to PB and then proceeded to tell him off for having an incorrectly sized number plate. Poor PB could only apologise profusely and assure him he'd get it changed as soon as possible.

I said nothing in PB's defence; some men never learn.

That awkward moment when you see a police officer and feel guilty.

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