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Happy Birthday to me (and her)

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The day which marked my 37th cycle around the sun didn't start well. There was no sun for a start and I accidentally broke the hot tap in the shower of my new caravan.

The caravan was an early birthday present to myself for surviving 6 months in a lovely rented van that was falling apart.

As the proud owner of a Compass Corona Twin Axle 5 Berth Caravan (2002), I decided to wind up one of my best friends:

First of all, can we just stop to appreciate HOW WELL this friend knows me with her three guesses? 😂😂😂

After amusing myself in this way, my phone decided to die. I'd broken my only charger that morning, so I was forced to use actual road signs to take my scooter to get an MOT which had apparently expired two days before and I'd not noticed.

Scoots unfortunately had noticed as she wouldn't start, thus forcing me to push her around the yard for a quarter of an hour to warm up her cold, vindictive soul.

When eventually I arrived at the garage, I was told the MOT would be THREE HOURS as opposed to the one that I thought these checks took.

Defeated, I headed off to find a charger. The birthday gods were finally with me as I procured one at the first PoundSaver I visited. I decided to treat myself to a Full English at a local cafe to celebrate (and pass the hours).

On the way there, I messaged the same friend to brag about my upcoming feast while she had to work:

While waiting for the brekkie to arrive, I relaxed on my now-charging phone when suddenly the music got really loud and Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday was boomed out of the speakers.

My best friend had clearly called the cafe to arrange me a little surprise. A smiling waitress walked out towards me with a pile of pancakes and one of those sparkling firework candles on it!

"HOW DID YOU KNOW?!!!", I screamed in delight.


The lady looked in my direction curiously, then slowly walked past me to the girls sitting at the table next to mine.

The ones whose birthday it also was.

I looked over sheepishly and wished the (other) birthday girl a quiet 'happy birthday'.

Crawling back into my hole, I ate my sad breakfast and left.

Another year of life awaits. I'm thrilled.

Read about Kelly's adventures here.

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