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Hunk, Chunk or Drunk? Lockdown life continues.

Updated: May 28, 2020

A friend asked the deeply philosophical question of what will I BE when lockdown lifts: a hunk, a chunk or a drunk?

Well, I've hardly been exercising every day - my attempted run up a Welsh hill defeated me in 3 minutes flat - and I don't share The Boyfriend's penchant for boxed wine.

Therefore, Chunk will be the likeliest outcome after 10 weeks of isolation.

A recent snack of coco pops, minstrels & yoghurt #LockdownChunk

I do not despair though as this woman lives to eat and the second week of my online cooking class saw an increase in hungry participants and culinary self esteem. Check out some of the food 'styling' of the chefs' dinners!

Let me know if you'd like to take part - Tuesday evenings, 5.30pm (UK time), vegetarian.

Wales is still officially in lockdown. Although, since Boris' (English) announcement there has been a noticeable hike in the numbers of cars on the roads, people out, building works and arrivals in the local holiday park.

So for the first time, The Boyfriend and I attempted a small walk on an open National Trust path - it was such a pleasure to see all the Spring flowers out.


Out for an evening jaunt one night, we decided to make a little fire on the beach with the driftwood which had come ashore over the past few windy days.

We didn't fancy BBQing this giant jelly fish who'd also washed up.

Good job I had some sausages in my bag. And a bottle of beer.

It seems the Life of Chunk isn't so bad after all...

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