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Isolation, Week 3 (still Wales)

Updated: May 17, 2020

The 'Welsh Welcome' is renowned in England so it wasn't a surprise when a judgemental local lady screeched at us, "Are you two 'ere on 'oliday?", simultaneously blocking the path whilst talking to her dog-walking friends.

I ignored her and continued to eat my ice lolly as we squeezed past the party of 4 on the way to the beach. Clearly she didn't know about the 2 metre rule. Or manners.


The only thing that currently keeps me going is our twice weekly trips to the Tesco Youth Club (the oldies are still all under house arrest).

I'm sure my credit card doesn't look unusual at the moment...

These regular stock-up trips have only added to my growing lockdown-belly. In an attempt to combat this, I joined The Boyfriend on his morning run in the stunning countryside. Wales has the unique phenomenon of all roads being uphill so this was not an easy feat.

Don't be fooled, this road has a 12% incline.

Despite my snail-pace-running-speed, after 3 minutes, my lungs gave out so I walked on as The Boyfriend continued to jog upwards, ever upwards. However, within a few seconds, I realised that I was still moving at the same pace, thus my jogging experience ended nearly as soon as it began and I decided to amble on instead. And breathe.


Steve the Dastardly Seagull has enlisted a friend to join in his torment of us. BUT! I have been training him to come closer and in the future when he's more trusting, I'm going to fling a bucket of water at him in revenge of all his poo-bombing of our house and car.

Leftovers is a dish best served cold.

The Culmination of 3 weeks of lockdown

Aside from going up a dress size, my sole achievement is being able to catch a frisbee with just one hand...

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