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An unexpected lunch guest in Tirana

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Warning: contains disturbing animal images

Today, I was out having lunch with The Boyfriend at a local place near the farmers’ market in Tirana: we shared rotisserie chicken, chips and salad. We were enjoying the food when something caught my eye. It was another eye looking at me.

The chef had just received a delivery and had hung the animal up right behind my head. Having inspected the balls and slapped its back a couple of times, he lifted the whole thing up and carted it off into the middle of the restaurant.

He then deposited the skinned body directly ON TO a table. None of the other customers batted an eyelid, they just carried on eating and smoking.

Leaving the carcass on the table, the chef then returned with a giant metal skewer and crunched the point through the poor animal’s head with great force. He then continued to tie up the lamb onto the pole.

At this point, we left so I never did find out if he cleaned the table but I'm definitely not returning.

I think I’ll be sticking to veg from now on…

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