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My future husband...

It's now been a couple of weeks since my Maybe-Date guy moved onto the caravan site, though I've stopped wearing high heels as they aren't great in the muddy Heath.

MD has joined for lazy lunches in the garden and accompanied me on numerous Autumn dog walks - I've been invited round to his for romantic candle light dinners.

My yearning for him has grown the more time I've spent in his presence, such an interesting, gregarious, affable human being is he.

As we're both evidently awful at making the first move, I endeavoured to find a situation to rectify this and start our lifetime together.

The ideal opportunity arose: MD offered to help me build my flip up table! What perfect hubbie material, thought I, filled with joy.

MD spent a long time measuring the table top to get it perfect for our future dinners together.

At which point, I jokingly said that he'd make a great husband to Fluff (a mutual friend) as her partner drove her mad just winging DIY projects.

The moment had finally arrived.

MD looked me in the eye, laughed softly and said, 'Yes, but... if I ever got married.... I'd want my own husband'.

And then, it all made sense.

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