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One year on....

The Boyfriend and I flew to Slovenia on 17 Sep 2019 with a year of travels planned. 6 months (and 57 blogs) later we had to return to the UK because of you-know-what.

Well, 2020 obviously didn't quite turn out how anyone expected... but we know we were super lucky to get all that time of amazing travels. Who knows when that will be allowed again!? I'm not so ecstatic about the extra 10lb I gained in lockdown though...

Like the rest of the world, I've had to get used to 'zoom' becoming a regular word in my vocabulary.

But finally seeing 3D friends once restrictions eased was just glorious after 12 months away.

And the online cooking class I started during lockdown is still going strong after 20 weeks. Food was the only joy on many days this year so it's been great having an excuse to continue eating so much.

It's back to reality now, whatever that means, and time to take my bikes out of storage...

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