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Polar Night in Pembrokeshire

Updated: May 23, 2020

Currently, life is similar to when I spent New Year in Norway during Polar Night: it was dark for 21 hours a day and dusk for the other three. Time was indistinguishable and each day felt like a week.

Welcome to lockdown life in Pembrokeshire, though the weather is infinitely better here than the -4° of northern Scandinavia in December.

Snacks are a happy distraction from Polar Pembrokeshire. As is the local ale.

The so-called new normal is where, instead of asking your friends 'What are you doing today?' - you enquire 'What are you eating today?'

With this in mind, The Boyfriend and I have started a weekly social cookery class (online).

Given there's no commuting now, we start cooking straight after work with a bunch of other hungry, isolated pals and then share our masterpieces on a group chat whilst tucking in.

The same recipe done 8 ways - sweet potato & chickpea curry

Please do message me if you'd like to join in - 5.30pm UK time, vegetarian cuisine (beginners).

The Boyfriend's herb garden is coming along nicely so I don't complain even though the tomato grow-bag takes up 2/3 of the counter...

The 3 tomato seedlings were from a local selling them with an honesty box

We've been training Steve the Seagull to catch treats in his beak.

Remarkably, I've grown quite fond of him but that might be because he's stopped bombing our windows with his guano ammunition.

I might start calling him Polar Steve...

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