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652 steps & a mosquito bite in Rijeka

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Rijeka is in need of a lot of love and affection; in other words, it's a dump. There's a potentially pretty port and a lovely river that flows through the town. Unfortunately, the river banks are home to bus stations, industrial factories and waste land.

There was one beacon of hope for this little town: the castle, which allegedly enjoyed a spectacular view of Rijeka below.

652 relentless steps later, The Boyfriend and I reached the top where I drank a can of sugar to replenish the energy lacking in my shaking legs.

The view overall was fairly disappointing. The Adriatic waters looked fantastic in the late afternoon sun, but then what doesn't? ...except the sad Rijeka town river.

My run in with the local wildlife took a bite for the worst after a Balkan mosquito enjoyed feasting on me, bringing up an odd, frog-looking reaction:

We're headed to the Plitvice Lakes National Park tomorrow for some emerald waters and fresh air.

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