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4 days in Slovenia & a man-spreading German

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Last year, I celebrated my day of birth with bottomless brunch, followed by an afternoon in the Draughts board game café in Hackney. This year, I am on a bus to Croatia, squeezed next to a German woman who is man-spreading.

Thankfully I can’t hear the rabble of my fellow globetrotters as I have been deaf since yesterday. I’d like to say this occurred due to my swimming in Lake Bled but this would be untrue; bizarrely, shower water seems to have made its way into my inner ear canal and is now firmly lodged. Thus, my first birthday stop will be at a Croat pharmacy. How delightful ageing is.

Our first two days in Ljubljana were spent walking around the town, having a cheap Slovenian lunch at The Second Violin, pootling along the city waters in a river boat (a pressie from a lovely work friend), drinking blueberry liquor and eating prekmurska gibanica cake.

On day 3, The Boyfriend and I took a local bus up to Lake Bled and wandered around admiring the clear depths of the lake. Having puffed our (my!) way up to the castle to get a good aerial view, the €11 entry fee immediately put me off so I marched us back to lake-level where I consumed a double ice cream to relieve the disappointment of my unrewarding endeavour.

In other news, The Boyfriend shaved his head and beard in order to be at one with himself – we all know that the true gap yah traveller has dreadlocks or a top knot so this post-chemo look is a good alternative. Not quite the birthday present I had hoped for but he did get me a huge piece of cake:-)

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