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Zombies at a Sri Lankan Cinema

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

The zombie was confused and disorientated, his every action painstakingly slow. We watched in horror as a crowd of agitated people gathered and his friends deserted him.

The poor man became increasingly baffled as he clicked the computer screen whilst brandishing a stapler.

The ticket guy made Shaun seem like The Flash

The movie hadn’t actually started at this point: we were still waiting at the desk to get tickets at the 3D Lite Cinema in Matara.

To speed things up, I decided to queue like a uni student in Wetherspoons but, although I found myself at the front, it still took nearly 15 minutes for the zombie-manager to print my receipt, staple it to the ticket and work out my change.

I guess for 280 rupees (£1.20) this was still a bargain.

The one-roomed theatre was above the bus station and wasn’t noise-proofed so it sounded as if we were in the bus waiting room.

#SpoilerAlert... It was somewhat difficult to get fully-immersed in the story line when loud honks from below would interrupt Poe's rousing speech or Princess Leia's death scene.

Most unexpectedly, half way through the film, just as the two Skywalker protagonists meet to fight on the wreckage of the Death Star, all the lights came on for the 'interval'.

Apparently this is normal here??

At least we didn't have to wait long for a bus home.

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