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The lies of Llanelli

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

So after 11 lockdown weeks in our Pembrokeshire home-away-from-home, it was finally time to move on.

We were delighted to book a little beach-side place in a coastal town, advertised with a lovely 'harbour bedroom suite'...

Or so we thought. But we'd been duped by clever picture order and sneaky word play in the description:

The house has a beach and harbour theme.

'Theme' being the innocuous word here, the Boyfriend and I arrived to a damp, dirty street on a council estate in Llanelli to find a house filled with pictures of a beach.

Our new policeman friend subsequently informed us this road is 'infamous for druggies, although there's only been two murders this year so far...' Comforting.

The toilet used to be outside so the bathroom is now an extension on the ground floor, making for a terrifying experience coming down the steep, narrow stairs for a midnight wee.

It was a few days before I worked out what the weird chair in the bedroom was for.

I try not to leave the house too much so as to avoid the groups of unsavoury looking characters who all mill around the One Stop shop. I guess they are all waiting to buy an adulterated Slush Puppie.

The Boyfriend and I have booked to return to our previous place next week. I never thought I'd say it but I can't wait to see Steve the evil seagull.

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