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A Scottish Summer

After the tent falling down, our cool bag leaking and 12 wasted minutes pumping up a blowup mattress without the plug in, I survived my first night of camping through heavy winds and torrential rain.

The Boyfriend and I then spent two days exploring Thurso, Tonga, Loch Eriboll and some other places on the northern coastline. And enjoying the weather.

Rain, rain, go away...

A trip to Smoo Caves in Sutherland - and its only local eatery - was a nice experience even though the underground water tours weren't running.

After Thurso, we freedom camped on Ceannabeinne Beach, enjoying the rolling waves and peaceful scenes. Until the rain and midges resumed their onslaught against humanity.

The critters are tiny but vicious

After just 4 days in our tent, we were defeated and checked into a very expensive hotel.

Never forget that a rainbow only appears after you're utterly drenched

It would seem that only mad ducks and Englishmen go out in the Scottish summer.

A typical al fresco lunch scene in Scotland...

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