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The Welsh Black Market

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

My friend from Gloucester was getting anxious from the deprivation. She had looked everywhere and phoned all the usual leads but none of her friends had any either.

However, The Boyfriend and I had several grams stashed away so I measured some of the white powder into tin foil packages for her.

I edged into the Post Office to send the little parcel - I didn't put a return address in case I got in trouble...

She received the goods in time for the cooking class where we were making shakshuka with soda bread. Nom.

I've had messages from other friends since who are also in dire need... #NewNormal

Steve the Seagull is enjoying lockdown life with us.

Yesterday, we found out from a local policeman that it's actually illegal to feed seagulls in Wales... we're not telling Steve, especially as we're moving on Wednesday.

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