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#ThrowbackThursday: The Biking Glory Days

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Given it's now the 9th week of lockdown and there isn't much news to report, I'm reminiscing back to my first solo ride out as a lady biker...

April 2017

Thrilled to be on my shiny new wheels just one week after passing my big bike test, I was taking Saki out for her first proper ride in the Chilterns.

I do wear more clothes than this when we're moving.

We stopped off at a little cafe with tables outside, fellow biking patrons washing down their wedges of cake with thick mugs of tea.

I walked inside, all eyes on me in my leathers. It's rare to see a lady biker out on her own - or at all - so I played it cool as I ordered a cuppa and a chocolate muffin.

When I finished, I sauntered over to my new Kawasaki w800, bathing in the admiring glances coming my way. This was my moment to shine, like Saki's chrome.

I stood with the sun facing me. Feeling a bit like the 1980s Coca-Cola guy, I slowly shook out my waist-length dark hair and put on my helmet like a diva.

It immediately went pitch black.

I'd put it on backwards. The shame.

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