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Isolation, Week 1 (Wales)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

From the freedom of touring the world, I am now reduced to entertaining a bored boyfriend and eating my body weight in snacks.

Ways to entertain yourself, Day 7

23 hours locked up each day is a long time, even in a pretty beach villa in southwest Wales.

And washing your hands only takes up so much time, even if you do scrub for the full 20 seconds.

Thank goodness for technology, a life line to the outside world. Although I had to end my recent family group chat when my brothers decided to make our call the Gun Show:

My mother is hidden by the bicep in the top right

The Boyfriend & I argue about whose turn it is to stand in the supermarket line and shop for snacks and, no matter how hard we try, neither of us can get out of Tesco for under 40 quid.

May the snack gods help you if you get too close to the next person

The sheer highlight of the day is the one hour exercise trip to the beach where we use our time wisely and have even invented a version of frisbee appropriate for the windy Pembrokeshire coast.

Frisbee 'action' shot and pebble score board

Where's Wally?

With no hairdresser to be found, my hair is a shocking mess. Fat seagull Steve laughs at me daily whilst pooping on our outside table and lobbing poo bombs onto our French windows.

I suppose I ought to get another snack now before beach frisbee. A girl's got to keep her energy levels up, you know.

Trusty Yahtzee

Be safe friends and feel free to video call me. Please. Pretty please.

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