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Unrequited love and the wrong end of the stick

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Any potential that might exist for a love life is currently squished between a rock and a hard place....

The Rock

One of my neighbours is a handsome, charming man who I thought I'd set up with a similarly handsome, charming lady I know.

I sent him a message asking for a recent photo so I could share with my friend. He replied with a nice one of him on holiday but sadly, though my girl friend thought he was lovely, he wasn't her type. Thus, I thought no more of it.

Two days later this handsome, charming guy-next-door sends ME a rejection text.

Not only did it say that he's "not into ME" and can we keep things as just "good neighbours"... but he's also sorry if he'd given me any "wrong signals" (he hadn't) 😳

Dual embarrassment ensued as I then had to explain that I wasn't coming on to him but was playing Stupid Cupid.

We laughed. Awkwardly.

To make things crystal clear that my intentions towards him were entirely platonic, I invited him for dinner one evening like usual and put on ALL the lights so it wouldn't look in the slightest bit romantic.

After we'd eaten, he suggested we turn out some of the lights as it was so very bright. You just can't win with some people.

The Hard Place

A few days after this incident, I heard through the grape vine that the gorgeous musician who had pretty much ghosted me since our Maybe-Date was MOVING ON TO THE SITE.

Unsure whether to laugh or cry, I walked around in high heels and full make up for days as no one seemed to know when he was actually arriving.

Of course, he chose to arrive precisely on the morning when I was outside at half past 6, bleary eyed, hair all over the place and shouting at the dog.

So now I have one neighbour who thinks I fancy him when I don't, and one who I totally fancy but who probably thinks I'm an animal hater.

At this rate, I think I've got more chance with an actual rock. Wish me luck.

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