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Isolation, Week 2 (Wales)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Work, eat, entertain Pete. This is now my daily routine.

Ideally, I aim for 5 meals a day plus snacks or I'm worried that my post-lockdown belly won't compete on the national level and the local Tesco will be forced to furlough staff.

In an attempt to find myself - which is not hard given that I'm in the same place every day for 23 hours - I started the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene programme, alongside The Boyfriend. We managed two days in a row.

My favourite pose is savasana, also known as nap.

Steve the Seagull continues his relentless poo tirade against us and our car. At least this gives The Boyfriend a weekly chore to slow his descent into isolated madness.

There are rumours of locals abusing non-locals for coming to stay in this area - we heard of one 'foreign' lady who had her car window smashed in, and another who was stalked on the beach and photographed.

Valiantly, we still visit the beach daily to play badminton, although the other day I fell into a stinging nettle bush trying to locate the shuttlecock and my arm got destroyed by the evil Welsh leaves.

I'm refuse to take this as the Welsh countryside telling me to go back to London; however, I do keep a look out for the crazed snap-happy-beach-tyrant.

What time is it, Mr Wolf? Snack time, you say? If you insist...

Mine's the healthy one. Vegan = healthy, right?

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