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Escaping Llanelli for the coast & the Gower

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Our one and only friend in Wales is a policeman who lived near us in Pembrokeshire, let's call him Aled Jones. Aled would greet us as we passed each other on our daily exercise outings to the beach.

When we moved to Llanelli he very kindly lent us two bicycles. These wheels meant we could leave the grim town of Llanelli fast enough that the local vagabonds couldn't catch us.

I'm super fast over 100 flat metres.

Once out of the centre, The Boyfriend and I headed for the Millennium Coastal Path, a 13 mile pedestrianised route that follows the Carmarthenshire coastline.

It was a real shame to come back to the reality of our council estate. The following day we escaped again and drove over to Rhossili Bay to hike along the Gower Peninsula, one of the most sensational coastal routes in the UK, quite possibly in the world.

The coastal winds blew the clouds around in the sky causing the weather to vary between grey drizzle and bright blue.

The turquoise waters looked as if a glitter ship had poured its cargo into the Bristol Channel.

Only 3 days until we head back to Pembrokeshire, hurray - now that lockdown is easing, we'll be able to discover the stunning coastal paths there. And have a BBQ with Aled (and Steve).

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